Thursday, 29 November 2007

Saturday, 10th November 2007

Well the two lots of Provence Peas and Broad Beans are up with a few of the sweet peas that I planted late October up. There are still lots of sweet peas and a whole tray of Feltham First that have not surfaced yet. Bit of a mess when I got to the lottie as the ratty-mouse had got into the greenhouse and had a good dig around all the pots to find something to eat. Not much damage overall though.

Lifted two celeriac to have with some Venison sausage - can't wait - yummy! Very impressed with the crop this year as it is the first time that I have grown them. Have around a dozen to lift. The celery has also done quite well and amazingly the ones that I cut down have started to resprout. I have got some in the deep freeze with the rest on the lottie to pick as and when needed.

Harvested some of the Barlotti seed that Jeannine gave me and they are really pretty. Got some small, black ones and some round brown speckled ones. Must remember to ask Jeannine what the name was. I am sure the one was a Christmas Lima and the other I am not sure about.

Still lots of little beans on the vine which I will leave to grow to their maximum before the plant finally shuts down.

The nights are getting darker earlier and not much chance of getting to the lottie for a nosey after work - especially when stuck in a traffic jam.