Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Laminating and Painting?

Week 31 - Tuesday, 22nd July 2008

Now that all the family are settled in their own place, Ron and I went to look at some paint and laminate flooring. Everyone tells us how easy laying laminate is, but I am not so sure. I think possibly murder would be a good option once we got started! Why is it that men NEVER read the instructions before they start?? Anyway, we decided that we would do the front entrance and the bathroom which is only about 4 square metres in all and if we get that done easily enough, we will then do the lounge and passage. We also got a lovely Beech floorboarding - so fingers crossed we manage to lay it easily and that it looks half decent.

I have also decided on the paint colours I want to redo the house in, but I think there is little chance that Ron will buy and repaint the whole downstairs before Debbie arrives on 3rd August. So unless Debs gets a huge spurt of power and wants to tackle it I do not see much happening until the end of August – mid September 2008.

Managed to pop down to the lottie and water the greenhouse - just as well as the tomatoes there were wilting it has been so hot. Also picked about another pound of french beans and gave them a good drink of water. I will prepare them and blanch them for the deep freeze. The swiss chard that I transplanted a couple of weeks ago it looking strong and healthy - only hope that they don't start bolting with this heat ad I want them to go thorugh the winter. Also need to transplant another tray of them once I have managed to lift all the potatoes on the week-end.

When I got home Tez and Kirsty had not only mown the lawn, but also run the hoover over the downstairs and cooked Spagbol! I could get use to this kind of treatment.
I made a potato salad for dinner tonight and Tez will spice and pop the chicken into the oven this afternoon for me. It is just too hot for slaving over the stove. Then I have some strawberries and cream for puds! No, not home grown – they have all been eaten and did not even make it to the kitchen. I must admit I bought them from Sainsbury’s on Sunday.

The great move is over....

Week 31 – Sunday, 20th July 2008

The move this week-end went much better than I had expected. We managed to get the keys early on Friday evening and ended up getting quite a bit of cleaning done. The house, despite the owner’s best efforts, was still a bit of a tip. That’s the problem with having tenants in your property. I however managed to get the whole conservatory, walls, floors and all cleaned but the skin on my hands is starting to peel off – I just cannot wear gloves as they aggravate me no end! So it’s my own fault. We cleaned until 23:00 and then called it a day.

We then started at around 09:30 on Saturday morning and did not stop until about 16:00 when I called it a day and went home - I was almost dropping with fatigue. Maureen also came over to help us out and she went through the house like a devil.

We went past on Sunday afternoon for some tea and cookies and they are almost all settled. They still need to find homes for things but the worst is over. But the house is really looking good now. Ella donated a whole lot of her lovely garden pots to them and there is a particularly lovely peach / orange loose leaf, open face dahlia which I am itching to get my hands on some of its bulb for my collection. Absolutely lovely!