Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Baby its hot out there

Week 31 – Wednesday, 23rd July 2008

The hot weather is holding well and it looks like it will last until the week-end at least. I am planning on having a lottie party on Saturday and Sunday and have invited everyone along to get the weeds under control. Ron has said that he will barbeque some sausages and hamburger patties for anyone who turns up. The lottie has really had to take a back step with everything going on lately. But I am sure that by the end of the week-end it will be beaten back into submission. I also need to clear out the old pea bushes and their frames and get the rest of the leeks in for those lovely winter soups.

Although the hubbard squash has been attempting to take over the lottie for some time now – the little fruits seem to start growing and then become yellow and drop off. I have even hand pollinated two of them so that I could keep seed this year and they are also not looking that great. This time last year I already had a couple of decent size ones. I so wanted to enter one into the Lottie Show on 9th August, but it does not seem that I will be able to.

My Peacevine tomatoes are however doing very well and although very green at the moment, are lovely sizes. Maybe they will ripen in time for me to enter some into the show. I have been very impressed with these heirloom tomatoes and got them from my HSL swop this year. I will definitely be drying some seeds and distributing them far and wide to keep this heirloom alive. Only hope that they taste as good as they look.

This evening I am going to Brownsea Island to see the “Merchant of Venice” with a couple of girls from work. I am really looking forward to it as I have never been to Brownsea Island nor seen the play. I am also really looking forward to seeing live red squirrels and I do love the little grey ones that visit my back garden even though most people call them “grey rats”.

I even managed to remember my binoculars (as we are seated right up at the far back left) so not sure how much I will actually be able to see and hear. At least if I cannot see or hear anything I can wander (with my eyes and binoculars) around the scenery. I also packed my camera and will definitely be taking some lovely photos – so hopefully I can put some lovely photos up. So armed with my raincoat and anti-mosquito I am ready for anything.

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