Friday, 25 July 2008

Brownsea Island and the Merchant of Venice

Week 31 – Friday, 25th July 2008

Well the weather turned out lovely for Wednesday evening for our trip to Brownsea Island and the play of “Merchant of Venice”. The trip over on the ferry was lovely as they did a bit of a tour of Poole harbour and its surrounds. Once there, everyone sprawled out on the grass with their picnic baskets whilst the geese, peacock and chickens prowled the parameters for any titbits.

I only got a slight glimpse of one red squirrel’s tail as it scurried up a tree, but the main impression that I got was that they were definitely much smaller than the grey ones. There was also a lovely video showing at the hide about them. I can now understand why so many people call the common garden grey ones “tree rats” – what a pity that the poor little red ones are almost now existent around the UK.

The show itself was lovely and the costumes were exquisite. At times the sound was not as good as it could have been when the actors were faced away from us. All in all it turned out to be a lovely night out albeit that I only got home past 12pm! The moon on the way back to Poole harbour was wonderful, looking like a big, yellow slice of leftover cheese. I took pictures but will download them this week-end and see if any of them actually captured it properly.

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