Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Week 5 – Saturday, 3rd February 2007

Managed to move two students onto next week’s class so had the whole day to me at the Lottie. What bliss!! A whole day to dig worms. Went down to the Lottie with the preparing of the asparagus bed at the top of my list of “To Do things”. However after digging and weeding for about one hour I have hit the roots of the fruit trees. So its back to the planning and find another spot for the Asparagus beds. One option is to move it to the plot of land that I prepared for the beans (next to the strawberry bed). Will have to check the PH though as I dug two deep trenches in that part and filled them with fresh horse manure.
Neville turned up for a chat and a bit later with about 10 Summer fruiting Raspberries – I did not have the heart to say no so ended up putting them in a small bed where the asparagus bed would have been - next to the Orchard. Managed to get the Agapanthus clump thinned (nearly snapping the shaft of my fork), out and made a whole row backing on the Summer raspberries. Should make a lovely show when planted up with some Cosmos later in the season. Neville has also showed me how to prune the autumn fruiting raspberries so I will have to give that a go when I get time.
Will have to read up about them in the Fruit Expert. Went to the tip before going home to drop off a couple of bags of weeds that I don’t want to put on the heap and managed to bag a bunch of bamboo canes and a rocket like thing which I will use in the back garden to grow something up and over – only cost 25 pence each. Cheap as chips!

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