Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Week 9 ending 3 March

Monday, 26th February 2007

Have taken the week to try and get on top of the jobs to do at the lottie. The weather is not playing the game but managed to get a good couple of hours in. Saw two HUGE, fat bumblebees today.

Planted the last of the garlic and finished filling the new bean trenches since the asparagus bed hijacked the original ones that I dug out in the autumn. At least the asparagus should benefit from all that hard work. They say a well prepared bed should alst about 25 years. Also managed to get the Brassica bed weeded. Should now have enough bean trenches to meet our needs. Also managed to get another couple of bags of compost into the Poop Heap. It’s amazing how the level drops. Also got all the Jerusalem Artichokes planted.

Tuesday, 27th February 2007

The weather was absolutely disgusting so Ron and I went off to check out a possible garden shed up for grabs in Poole. The shed was in a disgusting state and far too big, so back to the recycle boards begging. On the way home we did however stop off and do some shopping at “In Excess” and managed to get some thin trellis for the back garden from Stewarts and an arch for the lottie – so all was not lost.

Wednesday, 28th February 2007

John and Maggie brought me some guttering – Yippee! Now I will be able to sow some early peas for onward planting at the lottie. Will just need to make sure that the mice don’t get to them first. Planted two varieties of peas – Sugar Snap Delikett and Kelvedon Wonder.

Thursday, 1st March 2007

It turned out to be a lovely day so Ron painted the new trellis out front while I pottered around repotting the hydrangeas, delphiniums, split the mint into smaller pots for planting on at the lottie around the brassica bed. Pruned all the Fuchsias out front and started weeding and pruning roses in the front garden. Managed to get the sweep peas seeds and wigwams erected. They don’t look too bad. Also potted up the lily bulbs and the lily of the valley that I got from magazine specials – free - just pay post and packaging (£2.95) – cheap at half the price and practically something for nothing. I now have four pots of mobile lilies that I can move around into bare patches of the garden that need some cheering up over the summer. Potted up some First Early Rocket potatoes into a pot and they are now in the greenhouse – hope to get some really early new potatoes from them – will put the rest of the Rocket onto the lottie.
We then installed the trellis and I spent the next couple of hours typing in the rambling rose and some other creepers and gave the roses a slight pruning. All in all, a good days work.

Friday, 2nd March 2007

Well managed to get down to the lottie for an hour to collect some compost for potting at home. While I was there the windsock was blowing in the right direction and I tried to start a fire! No luck just lots of smoke and very little fire and then to add insult to injury just when I seemed to be coming right with the fire the heavens opened up.

Must remember to put some firelighters into the lottie box in case I get lucky again. Met my new neighbour across but one – name of Kat – she only got a quarter of a lottie so I count myself lucky!

Saturday, 3rd March 2007

Woke up to a lovely surprise – one of the little yobs threw a rock through my driver side window – so with phoning the police, who did not seem to perturbed but merely gave me a case number and said that as they did not gain entry they were not even going to send a patrol car around to view the damage. Also phoned the insurance company to set up the repair of the window (and a £50 excess). So with all this going on I did not manage to get down to the lottie which was maybe a good thing as I had a ribbon embroidery class in the afternoon. No one saw anything and the chap over the road said that it happened about 12:40 and by the time he got out the kids had disappeared.

Did however manage to get a bit of weeding done out front and put some seaweed extract on the fuchsia’s and front beds. Also gave the roses some food and Ron brought out the saw and took off the old, dead wood from the two rose trees that I have not been able to do with my normal secateurs.

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