Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Week 11 - My Spring Garden

Tuesday, 13th March 2007

Left work at 16:16 as the weather was beautiful outside and could not sit in the office a minute longer to check on my newly planted seeds. Gave them a bit of a watering but they were still surprisingly moist for the hot weather we have been having. Also tried to work out that PH Soil Meter and check what the ph of the Asparagus bed is. Just cannot seem to get it to move of PH 7. Will have to try and pop it into vinegar to see if it works and registers Acid. The Sara Raven seeds that I ordered finally arrived – minutes the most important one – the Brandywine tomatoes and the Morning Glory seeds. Don’t think that I will be ordering from them again in a hurry.

Wednesday, 14th March 2007
On inspecting the green house this morning I noticed that some of the new lilies that I potted up on 1st March are already poking their heads out, as are the new dahlia tubers (which took a bit longer). Looks like spring has finally sprung. I think that when I close up the green house tonight I will bring the cucumber plants back in – they are really looking a sight for sore eyes- might be a bit too cold for them at night in the unheated green house.

Managed to find a tree surgeon that is prepared to deliver wood chippings that I can use on my paths, free of charge. The only problem is that it is in loads of 4 cubic metres at a go! Have put up a notice on the board at the lottie asking if anyone else is interested in sharing the load with me.

Friday, 16th March 2007

Managed to get a rain butt off the free cycle website. Yippee!!! Also managed to find a lovely big greenhouse from the swap shop at work. They only want £25 and we have agreed to dismantle and move it on 14th April 2007. So I will be able to grow lots of lovely things in it. In honour of the new greenhouse I ordered some extra special black chilli and melon seeds from Real Seeds. Lordy knows how much watering I will have to do as they are already saying that it is going to be a HOT summer so that means water, water, water.

Managed to get all the Granadilla, Hyssop and Chicory seedlings pricked out. The windowsills are starting to heave with the sheer volume of seedlings I am trying to grow on. Still a bit of space on Terrence’s windowsill but he keeps plonking the curtains on my babies and they are not doing too well there. Will have to start moving some of them into the cold frame at the lottie. But will wait until the cold snap has moved on.

Sunday, 18th March 2007

Woke up with a bit of a hangover this morning even though I had only hand 2 glasses of wine. I really am loosing my touch. Was on cleaning duty at the church this morning so could not even have a lie in or pop down to the lottie early. However, the weather was absolutely atrocious all weekend so did not even manage to go down to the lottie for a quick once over.

Wednesday, 21st March 2007

Nipped down to the lottie last night to check everything out and drop off some frames that I had saved from the skip at work. I am sure that I will be able to use them for something. The peas and sweetpeas are looking pathetic but then again the wind was blowing up a storm. Checked on the seedlings that I put in on 11th March but no sign of life yet. Watered the stuff in the cold frame. Then off to Stewarts who had the launch of their Rewards Programme. I was a bit disappointed as the queues for something to eat and drink were long and there were not such good specials around. I did end up buying a Sungold and Big Boy tomatoe plant, some Asparagus Peas and a packet of new delphinium seeds. Me, delphiniums and slugs – the battle rages on!!

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