Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Week 37 - Wrap up of the Harvest 2007

All in all this year has been good and bad. I had to cut down all the potatoe haulms early in August resulting in very small potatoes for my main crops. Most of my tomatoes succumbed to the blight as well. Did not get much of a harvest from the courgettes but the ones I did get were pretty good. The French beans were really good this year ad I picked and stored approximately 2kgs for the freezer.

The Barlotti beans are also looking good although I will leave them on the frame until they are really nice and dry. The best producer this year was the pumpkins followed by the South African maize. The British sweetcorn was erratic with small cobs and very bad pollination – but the little there was tasted delicious.

The onions were huge but once stored and when I started using them for the kitchen found them to be a bit funny and ended up peeling half of onion away to make it fit for human consumption. Maybe all that rain did it.

The swiss Chard, Bright Lights has been going hell for leather and I have been picking and giving away like crazy. I think if the family saw green they would run for the hills. But I have managed toprocess them into Spinach and Feta Cheese Samoosas and have frozen them to be enjoyed during the long, dark days of Winter.
The garlic was good although the bulbs were small and I have enough to get me through the winter at least. So not a total loss – could have been worse!

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