Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Week 15 - Organised Chaos!

Sunday, 8th April 2007

Went to church in the morning and then after a quick braai before Ron went off the work went out to the Somerley Craft and Garden Fair. The weather was gorgeous and far better than the mud bath of last year. I sat in the sun eating my first ice cream of the summer. I managed to get quite a few unusual herbs such as tarragon, African basil, Woodruff (companion plant for the raspberries), and some more Egyptian walking onions. Also got two Monarda plants – one pink and one red – I do love them so – they remind me of flamboyant ladies out at a race day with floppy hats and they are perennials to boot!! Popped past the lottie on the way home and gave everything a good watering. Also got two unusual but pretty shrubs for the back garden. Managed to find a salt pig at long last.

Monday, 9th April 2007

Climbed into the front garden and got the chipped bark mulch down – hope it keeps those blasted cats at bay. The next course of action will be to buy some Catnep and plant it in the open glade just past their house. Maybe that will keep the damn moggies at bay. Grr! If it’s not Woody digging up my stuff it’s the damn moggies! Also managed to get all my delphiniums planted out (they were clambering out of their pots) into the ground. Just hope that the resident hedgehogs will keep the local slug population down and give them a fighting chance – might even get some flower spikes this year. Did managed to prick out all the pepper plants.
Wednesday, 12th April 2007

Managed to get down to the lottie after work and get another two rows of parnips in (not pre-germinated as before), as the success rate on the last one is pretty poor. I put htree seeds per station – so lets see what happens. Anyway I am not too perturbued if they do not all come up as how many parsnips can I roast anyway. To date I can only see one that has come up! The lettuce that I grew as a catch crop on the same rows has not even made an appearance yet? I can see a few Spring Onion, White Lisbon though. Also got in the Mokum baby carrots and the Paraster 4. Planted a middle row of onion sets to deter the carrot fly.

Thursday, 12th April 2007

Managed to get two trays of the tomatoes pricked out into pots the next size up. Good germination except for the Marmade. They are looking pretty healthy. Will not bother to resow as I have more than enough other varieties (approx. 12) this season!! Also managed to get the Morning Glory – Heavenly Blue repotted and into the greenhouse. The PTP6 and the Red Parcel arrived today and boy did I have a seed feast choosing new varieties to grow. Especially interesting was the black salsify (they say it tastes a bit like asparagus), curly sea kale (to fill the hungry gap in Jan / Feb and another variety of asparagus ??. There were some really lovely choices in the Red Parcel but I’m afraid that the PTP6 has become a bit of a dumping ground of the other members old seeds. Pity, as this was a good way of trying out things that you would not normally.

We are scheduled to glaze the greenhouse on Saturday so I will be moving a lot of the bigger plants onto the lottie greenhouse and give me a bit more room for the more iffy plants.
Saturday, 14th April 2007

Poor Terrence was in hospital with a grumbling appendix. So Ron and Nick got to the lottie about 9:30 and got all the glass in – only cracking 3 panes. Danny came along and ended up tying up all the broad beans and planting rows of marigold and poached egg seeds. Also sorted out the sweetpea wigwam – tidying up, tying in and replanting a couple. She seemed to enjoy it – time will tell…. It was a lovely day and I managed to get all the cabbages ?? in that I bought from the lottie shop and also sowed a row of early sprouting broccoli and calabrese. The First Early potatoes Epicure and Vivladi have poked their little heads out of the gorund – what a lovely sight – I was starting to give up hope. Also noticed the first pods on the broad beans – will have to keep a sharp look out as they can grow rather quickly and I want them young and tender. Cadged the neighbours hosepipe so managed to give the lottie a good dousing – hopefully give all the vegetables a well deserved drink which will do them no end of good. Ended the day by having a lovely braai – Nick came around and TD was let out of hospital.

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