Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Week 39

Wednesday, 26th September 2007

Now that the In-laws have left and all the summer vacation is over we can get down to some business and start getting the lottie into some sort of shape before the winter really sets in.

Went down to the lottie and managed to get clear all the aubergine plants out of the greenhouse beds. Not a very good harvest with only 2 small fruits. I managed to get all the lambs lettuce, mizuna and mibuna transplanted into the greenhouse bed. Met Keith the new allotment owner from across the way and we did a bit of bartering some of his Pink Fir Apple Potatoes for some of my Swiss Chard – Bright Lights and some South African white maize. Ron the Chicken man also popped over with half a dozen eggs in thanks for his apples and maize.

Saturday, 29th September 2007

Maureen, Vaughan, Ron and I went up to the lottie and it was absolutely wonderful having so many hands. Ron did all the rotovating whilst Vaughan used his brute strength to remove the dead plum tree. It’s a shame we lost it but it now gives us much more space in the new brassica bed for next year. The bed itself was rotovated and clover sown to get it through winter.

We uncovered the manure hotbox that the pumpkins had been growing on and despite it shrinking to a quarter of its size it uncovered the most beautiful compost for the garden – black gold! Anyway we cleared up all the old corn in the onion bed, harvested the last or the kohl rabi and turnips and ron rotovated it and added lots of lovely well rotted compost. Then we sowed Phacelia as a green manure to protect the beds during the winter.

Maureen tackled and got the leek and Florence Fennel beds weeded whilst I tackled the asparagus bed and all the horseradish which has decided to spring up inside it. They looked quite good once we had finished.

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