Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Week 14

Sunday, 1st April 2007

Woke up with a headache and started searching the shops for breeze blocks to use as a foundation to hold the green house down before we put the glass in. The winds can get quite bad and the lottie is pretty unprotected. Spent the whole morning but could not find the right bricks but did get three bags of compost. When I got to the lottie I found that Nick had got impatient and started digging foundations for the greenhouse smack bang in the middle of the grass patch next to the potato patch. It really broke my heart telling him to stop. He really wants to help but hinders more sometimes. He never listens to what you want him to do so although he is willing he tends to get in the hair. But he helped a lot with the erecting of the frame. I was so mad when I got there I stood on a pile of glass and heard a pronounced “crack, crunch”. Lordly knows how many panes I broke. (Post Note : 6 panes in all!!)

Tuesday, 3rd April 2007

Ron managed to get the right breeze blocks from Travis Perkins and collected them. He went down to the lottie to get the foundation laid for the greenhouse and ended up nearly chopping his hand off. Two stitches at the surgery later. Lord that man is a walking accident just waiting for a place to happen.

Thursday, 5th April 2007

Got a day’s flexi off and had a bit of a lay in as I ended up reading until the wee hours of the morning. Managed to get to the lottie around lunch time. Went via the stables and picked up another load for the hotbox. Ron came with and finished the foundations. With the blocks being so heavy we don’t need to cement the whole thing in and only have to bolt the frame to the bricks. Don’t think a hurricane will lift it. Got two rows of the second early potatoes in - When I got home I found that my asparagus crowns had finally arrived so these are the first thing on my list for the day.

Friday, 6th April 2007

Went to the raising of the cross on Friday morning on the village green and did not even stop for hot cross buns and a natter. My asparagus crowns were waiting so it was off to the lottie. Ron was working and it was a glorious day. Managed to get another couple of bags of compost from the stables for mulching the raspberries. Managed to get the two trenches dug for the asparagus and was very glad to see that my hard work in the Autumn in digging in all that poo had really paid off and was now lovely and mature. It should make a lovely home for the asparagus. I can just say thank goodness this bed will last 15 – 20 years – don’t know if I have the strength to dig more trenches like that. Terrence commented “ are you going to bury Nick in there?” Out of the mouths of babes….

Nick managed to lend a generator so that he can screw the green house frame down and instead of just screwing the couple needed he ended up with approximately a dozen and burnt out his drill. Grrr!! That child makes me so made at times. He also started helping me build frames for my vegetable beds but instead of making them flush with the ground he made them knee high (I can just picture me going head over tit over them when I was staggering around with a huge bag of compost) - and when I pointed his mistake out he lost his cool, packed his stuff and went home. When he left I found out that he had screwed one of the borders to my plum tree. Grrr!!!!

Also got the gutter peas planted out and needed to replace the Feltham First peas which had been shredded to bits by the wind and replant them with Sugar Ann. Managed to finally replant the Bramley Apple tree into a bigger pot where hopefully it will stay until I decide where its final home will be. Planted out some Calendula under the Damson tree for colour. Now lost all my cabbage seedlings so cheated and bought a tray from the lottie shop. Will try again direct into seed trays.

I have needed to do quite a bit offhand watering which is quite strenuous – will have to look at investing in a hose pipe soon if this weather continues – where are those April showers that everyone carries on about.

Saturday, 7th April 2007

Spent the day at the Fun Day at the church and then cuddled up in front of the telly for the rest of the evening as Ron was on the late shift.

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