Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Week 18

Wednesday, 2nd May 2007

Had the Care Group around at ours for dinner. Made a chicken casserole which unfortunately was ready an hour before the guests arrived. Put it in the oven to keep warm but unfortunately the chicken became so soft it turned into landmine chicken. Oh well, the guests seemed to enjoy it and John had about 4 plates. Bill and Phillipa brought along a wonderful fruit salad and Maggie made rhubarb crumble – yummy!!

Friday, 4th May, 2007

Managed to get a flexi day off today so off to the lottie to get the last of the Main potatoes in. The day was absolutely wonderful and I spent the entire day digging and planting potatoes – got four row in – does not sound like much but the ground is hard and it was tough going.
Saturday, 5th May 2007

Went down to the lottie for the morning as I have an embroidery class at 17:30. Ron also came down and managed to fix the door of the cold frame which had unfortunately broken. He got a lovely door from the tip for £5 and it is as good as new. Managed to get the last two rows of main potatoes in. Now have Kerrs Pink, Bambino, Ambo, Nadine, Valour – still need to assemble the potatoes barrel and I will put the Cara potatoes in there. Neil from Plot 87 said he would bring his Mantis Tiller along tomorrow morning for me to try out. Also planted out the Feverfew and the Artemesia into the Raspberry and Currant bed as they were growing out of their pots. Got home at about 14:00 had lunch and then managed to prick out most of the beans, squash and melon seeds into 9cm pots. Will take these down to the lottie greenhouse for final planting once they have been acclimitised in the coldframe.

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